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How To Highlight Your Assets

Get your glow on like Gwyneth Paltrow!

I’ve been teaching women how to “Carmindize” the face by highlighting it for years on What Not To Wear, but try highlighting your other great assets for fun, too. Getting your glow on can make different parts of your body stand out and look fantastic.

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If you want to elongate your legs, try applying a cream highlighter down your gorgeous gams in a shimmering line from the top of the thighs, down your shins, on top of the ankles and finishing on the top of your foot. This will capture the light making your skin look radiant, and your legs look leaner and longer. Try painting a stripe of Benefit’s High Beam down your legs and blending it in with your fingers or a non-latex sponge.

Applying highlight on the clavicle bone, shoulder blades and on tops of the breasts can draw attention to the chest area and really make you sparkle at night. Go easy on the jewelry when doing the décolletage, as you don’t want to overdue it. Choose a shade of sparkling loose powder that won’t rub off on your cloths and dust on these areas. I like to use a big, fluffy powder brush to dust on Studio Gear Stardust Shimmering Powder before getting dressed.

If you want your whole body to gleam, apply a shimmering body lotion like Jergens Soft Shimmer Skin Radiance all over as soon as you get out of the shower. It will keep your bod well-moisturized and lightly lit up.

Don’t forget you can also jazz up your hair as well. Spraying on a bit of Dream Angels Heavenly Shimmering Hair Spray will give you a halo glow and an extra kick of glitz!


Try on highlighter in the Makeover Studio!

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