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Relief From Tired Eyes

Hide those tired eyes, and no one will ever know you didn't get a full eight hours last night!

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Many women today have crazy busy schedules. Between kids, work and stress, the lack of sleep can really wreck havoc on our beauty. Red, puffy eyes can make you feel awful in the morning, but there are a few makeup magic tricks to hide the issue and fake the funk!

The first thing you want to do upon rising is apply a cool compress on the eyes for about one minute. I do this after putting on the kettle for tea, and by the time it takes to boil the puffiness in well on its way. Next, put a few drops of Visine in the eyes to clear them up and get rid of the redness. This step is the fastest way to eliminate the look of exhaustion.

After applying your face makeup, and it’s time to use eye shadow, the trick is to go for a deeper hue to recede any puffiness. I like to apply it on the sides of the eye lids from the lash line to the crease and then also smudge it into under the lower lash line. A pop of a light and shimmering highlight shade will accentuate and bring out an area so I like to apply a dot in the center of the lid to make it sparkle before lightly lining the upper lash line with a deep pencil.

Now apply mascara on the upper lashes, concentrating it more on the center lashes to open the eyes up. Lastly apply blue eyeliner like Makeup Forever’s Aqua Eyes Liner in Majorelle Blue 15L on the inside rim of the eyes—it will make the whites of the eyes appear brighter, and the eyes will look well rested. Nobody will ever know you hadn’t had a full eight hours of rest!

Try_It_On_endofarticle.gifTry on eyeshadow in the Makeover Studio!

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