How To Hide An Unsightly Cold Sore

Carmindy gives you the scoop on covering up an unsightly cold sore.

For many of us the cold dry weather this time of year can trigger unsightly cold sores that can crop up around our mouths and noses. Don’t panic if one of these bad boys arrives at the wrong time right before a party or big night out. Concealing and healing can be done quickly and nobody needs to be the wiser. The first thing you should do if prone to this nasty business is get a hold of a prescription for Valtrex pills and cream. This way right when you feel the “tingle” you can start your meds to keep the cold sore from getting out of control and at night apply the cream for quicker healing time. If you can’t get to a doctor, try an over the counter cream like Abreva.

Next is to conceal it by applying foundation blended on with a non-latex sponge all over the face first avoiding the effective area. Take a new clean sponge and apply foundation on the area by stippling the foundation on the spot and then tossing the sponge in the trash so you don’t spread the cold sore. Using separate concealer can sometime highlight the badness so stick to using just foundation to hide it. Powder your face, again avoiding the affected area, then use a cotton ball to lightly dab on a slight amount of powder over the sore so the coverage will last. Don’t overpowder the area, as it can look cakey if you use too much.

If the sore is on your lips, when it is time to apply lip color simply swipe some lipstick or gloss to the back of your hand and then use a Q-tip to pick up the shade and apply it to the lips tossing the used Q-tip when your done. Redirect focus to your eyes by playing them up instead and keep lips neutral and by no means point it out to people because most won’t even notice.

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