• If you're super  busy (and aren't we all?), it can be a daunting task just to get out the door on time, let alone make time to fit in a healthy, nourishing breakfast that will fill you up and keep you that way until lunch. Prepare one of these quick, easy healthy breakfast ideas to make your morning routine that much easier.

    These tasty, Mexican-inspired tostadas can be prepared in under five minutes, perfect for satisfying hunger pangs and cravings alike on the go.

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  • Eggs and avocados are low in sugar, high in protein, and full of fiber, which is why they're a breakfast favorite both together and on their own.

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  • Satisfy your sweet tooth in the morning by filling whole grain waffle sandwiches with fresh berries and light cream cheese.

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  • A vegetarian frittata requires only a few ingredients and packs in tons of flavor and nutrients.

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  • Blend egg, avocado, and cheese on an English muffin for a creamy, protein-rich breakfast sandwich.

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  • Make a generous amount of this cherry and almond granola recipe so you can store it and eat it all week.

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  • Use gluten-free rolled oats to create this healthy, hearty take on cinnamon apple oatmeal.

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