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Sarah Palin (Sep 4th, 2008)

Perhaps no vice-presidential candidate has ever been so famed for his or her hairstyle. Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s trademark upsweep has been as defining for the former beauty contestant as her propensity for moose stew. Highlights, layered bangs, and her dexterity with a banana clip create a little va-va-voomness for the would-be VP. Think of it as hockey mom hair with a kick-it works as well behind the wheel of a minivan as it does on the stump.

Styling Tip

To get the look, backcomb the hair at the crown, lightly brush the outermost layer so it’s smooth, then twist the hair into a messy knot just below the crown, and spray the whole head with hair spray. To keep the hair from looking too ’80s, replace the banana clip with a hairstick or a dozen bobby pins.

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