Women Celebrity Hairstyles


Credit: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

Rosemarie DeWitt (Jan 9th, 2009)

Rosemarie DeWitt’s organic texture and shiny finish make for one sophisticated updo.

Styling Tip

Step 1: Apply a nickel-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair. Blow dry two-inch sections with a round brush while turning the brush several times to add subtle roundness to the length.
Step 2: Create a side part and push your bangs to the side.
Step 3: Sweep your length back and slightly to one side. Twist a few times and pin into place low at the back of your head with the ends sprigging upward and out. Dab pomade on fingertips and then slightly twist wispy pieces around your face and through the dangling ends in back.

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