Women Celebrity Hairstyles


Credit: © Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.

Rosario Dawson (Dec 16th, 2008)

Rosario Dawson rolls her slightly curly length under to create a faux bob with lots of volume.

Styling Tip

Step 1: Apply a handful of volumizing mousse onto damp hair. Blow dry two-inch sections at a time with a large round brush, lifting at the root for volume and rolling the ends under.
Step 2: Once dry, quickly roll two-inch sections of hair onto large Velcro rollers before hair cools from the blow dryer. Allow to set for 10 minutes. Unwind the rollers and finger-style bends into shape.
Step 3: Create a side part and then grab your length by the ends and roll under. Pin ends up under your hair at the base of your neck.

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