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Credit: © Jemal Countess / WireImage

Natasha Bedingfield (Apr 16th, 2008)

Perfect for any occasion, a pretty, piece-y pony makes for a quick-fix hairstyle for Natasha Bedingfield.

Styling Tip

Step 1: Apply a nickel-size amount of lightweight styling lotion onto damp hair and then work a dollop of mousse in at the root. Blow dry two-inch sections using a vent brush to lift roots and build volume.
Step 2: Leaving your bangs and a few straight bits out in front, sweep the length back and secure into a ponytail using a coated elastic band.
Step 3: Cover the band by winding it with a half-inch section of hair and tucking the ends into the band. Spritz with finishing spray to lock in your style.

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