Women Celebrity Hairstyles


Credit: © Alexander Tamargo / WireImage.com

Kim Kardashian (Nov 8th, 2008)

For an elegant upstyle, Kim Kardashian’s ultra-long hair is twisted up in back and adorned with randomly placed loops and bends.

Styling Tip

Step 1: Start with dry hair that is smooth on top and curly on the bottom. Leave layers out in front and sweep the rest of your length back and slightly to one side.
Step 2: Twist a few times and pin securely into place in back with the ends sprigging up. Take one-inch random pieces from in back, twist and loop around one another and pin back into the base of the twist as desired.
Step 3: Part the remaining hair in front down the middle, tuck each side behind your ears, then pin the ends into the back.

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