Women Celebrity Hairstyles


Credit: © RD/ Montemagni / Retna Digital / Retna Ltd.

Kat Von D (May 30th, 2008)

Kat Von D opts for smoothness on top and flick-y bits on the ends of her long, shaggy strands.

Styling Tip

Step 1: Apply a quarter-size amount of styling lotion onto damp hair. Use a paddle brush to blow dry two-inch sections in varied directions while brushing your hair flat against the shape of your head.
Step 2: Once dry, create a center part and push your bangs to each side. Run a flat iron over the ends of one-inch sections, turning the iron to bend the ends upward and out.
Step 3: Use a dab of pomade on your fingers to pinch the ends and create a piece-y texture. Spritz with hairspray to set your style.

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