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Credit: © Luca Cannionieri

Fashion Week Fall ’09 (Lacoste 2) (Sep 1st, 2009)

These glossy rippling waves were created by Bumble and bumble editorial hairstylist Dennis Lanni for the Lacoste Fall 2009 fashion show.

Styling Tip

“My sister used to sleep with braids and she’d wake up with these beautiful waves that were glossy and bent, but not sloppy looking. This hairstyle is a modern version of that look,” explains Lanni. To do, first flatiron a one-inch section of hair, then coat lightly with holding spray, wrap the section up to roots in a figure 8 shape, and secure in the center with a small elastic. Repeat all over, then let hair set for 10 minutes. Undo the twists and shake hair out. The result: Glossy, bent waves, just like his sister’s.

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