Women Celebrity Hairstyles


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Cindy McCain (Sep 4th, 2008)

Conventional wisdom says that a politician’s wife needs politically correct hair. Zzzzz… Whatever you think of Cindy McCain’s views on equal pay and foreign policy, we’re all grateful for the risks this beer distribution heiress takes with her locks. Gone are the stiff updos that marked her earlier days on the campaign trail, and in their place, softer waves, tousled layers, and side-swept bangs.

Styling Tip

If you have naturally wavy hair, you can recreate the style by working a handful of mousse into damp hair and letting the hair air-dry. On straight hair, blow dry the whole head, and wrap two-inch sections of hair around a curling iron, holding each for a few seconds. Then run your fingers through the hair so the curls aren’t too perfect.

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