Allison Iraheta


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Allison Iraheta (Apr 23rd, 2009)

With flared out pieces in front, Allison Iraheta rocks major volume through the top of her shaggy, side-swept layers.

Styling Tip

Step 1: Combine a nickel-size amount of styling lotion with a few drops of shine serum and apply onto damp hair. Add a large dollop of volumizing mousse.
Step 2: Blow dry two-inch sections using a round brush. Lift slightly at the roots and then roll the section around the brush several times to create a bend through the length.
Step 3: Once dry, create a side-part and push your bangs to the side. Roll the front sections away from your face by wrapping each around a large curling iron. Spritz with hairspray to lock in your style.

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