• Blunt Bangs Blunt bangs like Zooey Deschanel's are ideal for thick-haired ladies—a finer-textured fringe is prone to looking stringy, but fuller strands hold up.
  • Long Layers Add lightness and movement to thick hair by opting for a cut like Connie Britton's: Her chin-skimming layers give her style a flowy, flattering shape that perfectly frames the face.
  • Choppy Bob If shoulder-length hair is more your style, thin out a bob with razor-cut ends—Julianne Hough's cut is ideal—to downplay your hair's heaviness.
  • Half-Up 'Do When you have hair to spare, a half-up style like Minka Kelly's keeps your mane out of your face while emphasizing its lushness.
  • Thick Braid Unlike fine-haired ladies, whose braids can look scrawny, your plait is perfectly sized. We love Keri Russell's loose side braid.
  • Undercut When you have thick hair, you don't want a short cut to look too bulky. A close-cropped under layer like Coco Rocha's lets you play with length in the front without any of the usual heaviness.
  • The Perfect Length When thick hair gets too long, it can become unmanageable. We love the length of Eva Mendes's cut because it still reads as long hair, but can be styled in half the time.
  • Ombré Highlights Lighter ends like Vanessa Hudgens' can help balance thick hair, since they make the tips look less heavy. Plus, highlights look so pretty with her wavy texture. Read more: An Owner's Guide to Naturally Wavy Hair
  • Tucked Behind the Ear Sofia Vergara's slicked back center part gives her Emmys hairstyle a more formal feel—and helps keep her full hair out of her face.
  • Big and Beautiful We love big hair like Nicole Scherzinger's: Her long layers keep her hair from being weighed down at the roots, which is a must for all-over volume. Read more: The Best Brown Hair Colors That Are Anything But Mousy


10 Perfect Hairstyles to Embrace Your Thick Hair

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10 Perfect Hairstyles to Embrace Your Thick Hair

These cuts and styling ideas make the most of big, beautiful hair.

If you have thick hair, you’re definitely used to fielding tons of compliments from people who covet your lush, luxurious mane—and you’re definitely used to responding by telling them they have no idea how much work goes into taming full-bodied hair. Between the washing, the blow-drying (lest you face three or more hours of air drying), and the endless detangling, the pursuit of perfect hair never ends. Good news: these hairstyles for thick hair are guaranteed not only to make your life that much easier, but to emphasize everything that’s truly great about thick, voluminous hair.

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