• Your strong jaw makes your face look gorgeous and distinctive, but beware of unflattering looks: blunt cuts and styles can emphasize a square face shape's angularity. Instead, opt for hairstyles that soften and create subtle asymmetry. 

    Side Part

    Something as simple as a deep side part, like Olivia Wilde's, breaks up the angles of the face. 

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  • Angled Bob

    To elongate the face, request a bob (or long bob in Nikki Reed's case) that graduated in the in the back and longer in the front. 

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  • Long Layers

    Too-short layers can make a square face look wider than it actually is. Long layers, as seen on Beth Behr, create a more streamlined look.

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  • Messy Updo

     Instead of pulling all your hair straight back, soften a square face shape by leaving loose pieces to frame the features, like Kiera Knightley

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  • Soft Waves

    Loose, wavy texture like Gisele Bündchen's helps to soften features.  

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  • Gradual Layers

    Starting layers close to the jawline, like Claire Danes', will soften the square effect. The shortest layers should be even with your chin. 

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  • Side-Swept Bangs

    Blunt bangs can make the face look wide. Copy Emma Stone's side-swept look to soften your face's angles. 

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Pretty Hairstyles for Square Faces

Pretty Hairstyles for Square Faces

How to instantly soften the angles.

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