• Bangs
    To shorten the length of an oval face, opt for bangs. And to frame the eyes, have them curve just at the tips like Zooey Deschanel's. 

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  • Textured Bob
    An oval face is thin around the jaw. Adding volume and movement with choppy, textured ends like Rita Ora's fills the space out. 

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  • Side Sweeping Bangs
    A great way to camouflage how thin and straight an oval face is to create asymmetry. Side-swept bangs, like Kim Kardashian's, pull focus away from the face shape. 

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  • Pixie With Bangs
    With a short cut like Jennifer Lawrence's, the face shape is clearly the focus of attention. Without hair on the sides to break up the long-ness of the face, bangs should be added—whether blunt cut or side-swept. 

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  • Face Framing Bob
    By cutting the bob just above the jawline like January Jones', the cheeks are defined instead of putting emphasis on the jaw. 

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  • Side Part
    For smaller foreheads that can't pull off bangs, a side part like Eva Mendes' is enough to create the illusion of asymmetry. 

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  • Shoulder-Length Curls
    Body, body, body. Adding volume to the hair horizontally, like Christina Aguilera's gorgeous curls, fills the face. 

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  • Lift on Top
    Carrie Underwood is a whiz at this. The singer always adds just a bit of height to the top of her hair. Hair that sits flat on top can actually elongate the face. 

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  • Brushed Out Waves
    Forget the ringlets. Brushed out waves, like Blake Lively's, soften the features, making the jawline look less sharp. 

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  • Layers  
    If your hair is straight and one length, the face will look significantly narrower. Adding even the slightest of layers, like Allison Williams', fills out the jawline. 

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Flattering Hairstyles for Oval Faces


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