• Long, cascading locks are pretty enough on their own, but wearing your hair down every single day can get boring. That's why we've scouted 10 hairstyles for long hair that are anything but. 

    Pinned Behind the Ear

    Nina Dobrev's asymmetrical style plays off her edgy eye liner. To get the look, coat hair with a bit of gel and brush back behind one ear, pinning tightly in the back. Let the rest of your hair cover the pins.

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  • Ponytail with Fishtail Braid

    Taylor Swift accessorized her ponytail with two tightly-woven fishtail braids on each side of her head. To get her matte, tousled texture, mist hair with Kérastase Spray Á Porter Beach Texture Spray ($35, kerastase-usa.com).

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  • Rolled Updo

    To create Zoe Saldana's elegant look, roll two-inch sections of hair away from the face and pin underneath. Add an embellished comb to turn up the vintage-inspired glamour.

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  • Side-Swept Waves

    Jessica Chastain's structured S-waves are more polished than your garden-variety barrel curls. To get the look, prep hair with a flexible hold hairspray like Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray ($24, sephora.com) and curl while holding your iron in a horizontal direction.

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  • Half-Up Beach Waves

    Sandra Bullock's pinned-back style is casual enough for everyday, but can also add soft romance to a party dress. Twist hair before pinning it back for a more secure hold.

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  • Headband Halo

    We love the slightly '70s vibe of Jessica Alba's full, gorgeous waves, and her black headband is the crowning glory. Don't have a band at home? Sub in a silk scarf in a pinch.

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  • Side Bun

    With a side bun like Kate Beckinsale's, you get the best of both worlds: Your hair is off your face, but you can still see the style from the front (great for pictures!).

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  • Clipped to the Side

    Upgrade a long hairstyle in five seconds flat by securing side-parted waves with a cute clip like Emma Robert's. 

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  • Bubble Ponytail

    Blake Lively's segmented look is way more interesting than your average ponytail and just as easy to style. Disguise your elastics by wrapping them with a strand of hair to make the look more sophisticated.

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  • Party Bun

    Amanda Seyfried's neat chignon isn't quite a topknot, and we prefer it that way! When placed on an upward diagonal from your cheekbones, this style gives your whole face a lift.

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Non-Boring Hairstyles for Long Hair


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