• Need we be reminded that sometimes celebrities are just like us, it turns out their beauty routines don't consist entirely of rare flowers, rainbows, and La Mer. In fact, they've shared some truly shocking beauty secrets that make us mere mortals stop and say, "Huh?" Bottom line: These are some celebrity beauty secrets we don't think we'll be trying any time soon.

    Cameron Diaz
    The actress revealed to E! that she doesn't "believe in antiperspirant" and hasn't used it in almost 20 years. "You're stinky because you use antiperspirant," she says. "It keeps all the stink in." Instead she recommends that both men and women just "trim" armpit hair so that it doesn't hold onto scent.

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  • Snooki
    Snooki's skin care secret is… kitty litter? The "Jersey Shore" star told Conan that she uses (clean, to clarify) cat litter to exfoliate her face. "It makes your skin really smooth," she insisted.

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  • Jessica Simpson
    This beauty secret is less about what the singer does and more about what she doesn't do—and that's brush her teeth. Jessica shared in an interview that she just uses Listerine mouthwash, and occasionally scrubs them down with her sweater.

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  • Cindy Crawford
    The supermodel mixes full fat milk and water in a spray bottle as a toner to keep her skin moisturized throughout the day.

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  • Heather Locklear
    Heather told TMZ that she just rubs semen on her face. Seriously. This trick is truly disgusting (and kind of an overshare, at that) but it may be rooted in some truth: Semen is high in antioxidants and may actually have anti-aging benefits. The more you know…

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  • Sienna Miller
    After a mishap in which henna turned her blonde hair green, Sienna claimed she used ketchup as a treatment to counteract the unwanted tones.

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  • Sandra Bullock
    Sandra touts medicated Preparation H hemorrhoid cream as a tried-and-true cure for under-eye wrinkles and puffiness, a trick she learned during the filming of "Miss Congeniality."

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The Grossest Celebrity Beauty Secrets

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The Grossest Celebrity Beauty Secrets

You won't believe some of these shocking beauty tricks.

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