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Great Smelling Hairsprays

Want to ensure your 'do stays done while imparting a pleasing scent? Check out our round-up of beautifully-scented hairsprays.

Let’s be real with each other: We all have Aquanet-soaked memories of 80s hairstyles. Big, volumized hairstyles came at the price of massive flammability and a most unsexy scent. There have been many advances in hair product technology and while they range from the surge of sulfate-free shampoos to nourishing treatments that restore health within the span of a single shower–none are so universally lauded and appreciated as the great smelling hairspray. Here, a few of our fave olfactory delights.

  • Neil George Perfect Hold Hairspray ($22, beauty.com)

    Coconut-scented, this flexible holding agent will transport you to a veritable vacay while it ensures your ‘do stays decidedly local.

  • T3 Control Heat-Seeking Hairspray ($19, sephora.com)

    This citrus-scented formula was created by head hair honcho Orlando Pita. It’s brushable, yet yields strong hold.
  • Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray ($25, moroccanoil.com)

    Sultry, musky-scented Argan oil is the secret ingredient in this hairspray, so it holds and moisturizes parched strands simultaneously.
  • Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hair Spray ($3, amazon.com)

    Herbal Essences’ hairspray is a non-aerosol iteration that smells slightly floral, thanks to its violet splash fragrance. Boosts volume while providing subtle hold.
  • Suave Weather Protection 365 ($3, available in June, drugstore.com)

    This all-weather finishing spray smells fruity, but not overtly so. It even has UV filters to help protect your mane from the elements.

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