• We love a traditional burger, but it's never a bad idea to take a break with a turkey burger and a thinner whole wheat bun for healthy carbs, like Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Slims. And instead of glazing on a thick mayo or ketchup, go with a healthy fat like avocado.

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  • Skip the meat on your next kebob, and go with light veggies, such as squash, mushrooms, green peppers and tomatoes. Even add a pineapple for a little sweetener.
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  • Sweet potato fries have a higher fiber content than traditional fries, so they make you fuller faster. Word of advice: If you can't ditch the french, bake them for a lower calorie meal.
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  • The biggest problem with macoroni salad (or any of the summer salads) is the dressing. Go light on the mayo and have a higher proportion of veggies over pasta.
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  • Give your favorite chips and dips a little makeover with whole wheat Tostitos and salsa that is three-quarters veggies. And lay low on the cheese, especially queso dip that packs 20 calories in every tablespoon. Honestly, do they really think one tablespoon is a serving size?

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  • Summer is the season of margaritas. But one 10-ounce marg packs in 740 calories! To lighten the load a bit, try tequila on the rocks with a few slices of lime and soda water.
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  • It's not easy to turn down an ice cream sundae, but once we started hitting the frozen yogurt stands, we've found it is possible. Although frozen yogurt isn't much lower in calories, it has half the total fat and saturated fat.
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Give Your Favorite Summer Grub A Makeover


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