Girly Beauty Weekend

pampering Girly Beauty Weekend

Why pay big bucks for pampering?

Who needs an expensive spa weekend when you and your best friends can create a top of the line spa in your own home? Pick a place that you and your best gals can come together to relax and share all your beauty and lifestyle secrets (and other kinds as well). No kids or significant others, just you and your girls. Come on, you deserve it!

Everyone should bring different products, candles, food and wine, almost like a fabulous girly beauty potluck.

Or each person can be designated to a specific area of their own expertise. One friend may be a full-on yoga fanatic who can teach everyone the best sun salutation. Another friend may be a makeup artist or product junkie who can demonstrate the perfect smoky eye. The foodie in the group can share healthy cooking tips and share her favorite low cal recipes, while the sommelier wannabe can bring a few bottles for a little wine tasting.

And of course there is always that friend with the hair that just won’t quit, so make sure she brings her deep conditioning secret sauce to coat your hair with and whip all your locks into luxurious softness.

Everyone can paint their toes ridiculous colors, watch fun movies and discover not only what makes your friends so beautiful and special, but that you too are a gorgeous piece of the pie!

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