• Step one: Start with manageable hair.
    First, start with smooth hair. I love applying a shine serum, such as Garnier Fructis Anti-Frizz Serum Sleek and Shine ($6, Theonlinedrugstore.com).
    Top 10 Quick And Easy Hairstyles
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  • Step two: Gather strands.
    Take a small section at the front hairline and divide into three parts as you would do for a regular braid. Prepare to go diagonally around one side of the head, as opposed to straight back down the center of the head. How To Do Nicole Richie's French-To-Fishtail Braid
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  • Step three: Start braiding!
    Start to braid normally by pulling section 1 (closest to the middle of the head) across section 2 (the middle strand). 5 Fresh New Ways To Wear Braids
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  • Step four: Continue to braid.
      Now pull section 3 (the one closest to the face) across strand 2 like a normal braid. Hair How To: Headband Braids
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  • Step five: Continue to braid.
      Continue to braid normally, pulling the piece closest to the middle of your head and folding over. Get The Look: Beyonce's Banging Side-Braid
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  • Step six: Drop a strand.
    Now let section 3 fall with the rest of the hair. Get The Look: The Messy Braid
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  • Step seven: Pick a piece.
      Pick up another section, preferably right underneath where you are braiding, to replace the one you let fall. Braids To Try Right Now
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  • Step eight: Fold over.
    Fold the new piece over section 2. Get The Look: Kate Middleton's Braid Updo
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  • Step nine: Pick another piece.
      Continue the braid by picking another piece at the middle of the head, adding to section 1 and folding over. How To Get Thicker Hair Faster
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  • Step ten: Continue around head!
    Continue to braid around the head this way - letting the piece closest to your face fall and picking up a new piece. Take Hair From Just Okay To Ombré
    Photo: Daily Makeover
  • ...And You're Done!
    Continue around the head as far as you'd like and then pin or tie the braid securely. Voila! Waterfall perfection. Top 10 Braided Hairstyles
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Get The Look: The Waterfall Braid

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Get The Look: The Waterfall Braid

The Waterfall Braid is the hottest new hairstyle. Editor Shannon shows you how to get the look yourself!

We love braids, and thanks to Game of Thrones, the waterfall or diagonal braid has become a new fave—because of course we want hair like Khaleesi.

But if this elaborate style seems a little intimidating, never fear! I’ve put together this totally awesome (not to mention totally easy) waterfall braid how-to that anyone can master! Follow these ten steps and you’ll have a braid fit for a Queen in no time.

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