Get Fuller Brows With These Tips

Thin arches? Try these tips for bigger, bolder brows.

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Model Arizona Muse has brows to die for.
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For most of us, big, bold brows are but a dream. Whether it’s genetics or too much tweezing in the past, our wimpy little arches could use a boost. Thankfully, in this day and age we have tons of options for getting fuller-looking eyebrows.

Di Medlock, the director of waxing at Exhale Spa isn’t new to the issue of sparse brows. “If a guest expresses and interest in growing their brows back, I put them on ‘the system,’” says Medlock. “It’s important to see what your brows are capable of producing without outside assistance. We allow the brows to grow with no tweezing, waxing or threading for four weeks. This will show me how much natural growth is possible, trouble spots and the willpower of my guest.”

If after four weeks you’re still seeing skinny eyebrows, these methods will help make them look beefed up:

Brow Pencil/Gel
When it comes to faking big brows, Medlock says drawing them in is the most realistic looking approach. “For results you can see right away, go for a daily dose of brow pencil, shadow or gel, ” says Medlock. “All can create the look of fuller, thicker brows instantly with no commitment.” Watch this video to learn how to fill in brows the easy way.

Brow Extensions
Completely Bare hair removal spas in New York now offer brow extensions (it’s like weave for the face!). Brow specialists dye real human hair to match it to yours, and then attach the hairs to your own eyebrows. They cost $185 and last about two weeks.

Brow Serums
If you don’t want to fake it any longer, Medlock has suggestions for serums that can help regrow wimpy brows. “Castor oil is a tried and true Italian grandma trick,” says Medlock. “Apply to any and all areas where you would like to see thick, longer hair.” For over-the-counter serums, she suggests Revitabrow ($110,, which is Exhale’s preferred product. “It feeds the follicle to produce thicker, fuller hairs and encourages root growth from dormant follicles.” For prescription products, Medlock likes Latisse. “It’s the most powerful lash conditioner on the market, and the great news for us is that it works on the brows too.”

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