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Lily Collins and Julianne Hough Wore Matching Lipstick

Beauty is a form of self-expression. Does matching your lipstick with a friend's take away from your originality?

Julianne Hough, Lily Collins

With matching beauty looks, Julianne Hough and Lily Collins are looking more like sisters than friends these days.
Photo: Getty Images

Lily Collins and Julianne Hough wore what may be the exact same dark red lipstick shade this weekend, and with their bold brows and choppy bobs, they are looking more like twins than BFFs. 

That velvety red is so gorgeous, we can’t blame them both for stepping out in the shade. But this has us thinking, is copying a friend’s look cute or a little too matchy-matchy? We all have our own beauty style, and it’s no wonder that style could be similar among friends. But, if beauty is one of the ways we express ourselves, does matching a friend (even by accident) take away from that self expression?

Do you have the same beauty sense as your friends?

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