• To love Mad Men is to love Peggy Olsen, played brilliantly by Elizabeth Moss. The star has been nominated for Best Actress In A Drama, and we think her transformation into the plain Jane copywriter earns her the award.
    Top 10 Retro Hairstyles

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  • The world seems hooked on Downton Abbey and its leading lady, Michelle Dockery. We love her transformation from bombshell actress to a woman of the early 1900s.
    Best Movie Makeover Scenes

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  • We couldn't believe our eyes when Julianne Moore showed up in Game Change as Sarah Palin. She was almost unrecognizable as the movie star we've come to love and, instead, perfectly embodied the former Alaskan governor.
    Exciting Movie Makeovers

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  • Jena Malone has come a long way since movies like Stepmom, and she's now getting recognition for her role in the mini-series, Hatfields & McCoys, which is set in the late 1800s.
    Celebs With Enviable Eyebrows

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Four Celebrity Transformations Worthy Of An Emmy

Four Celebrity Transformations Worthy Of An Emmy

The Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday, and we're sharing which onscreen makeovers we think deserve an award!

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