Food For The Face

In this tough economy, we need to find ways to save a cash and splurges like facials are one the first things to go. Fear not my pretty things! You can open your own fridge to find fresh and fast ways to beautify yourself. Most of these ingredients I’m sharing with you are found in high-end facials and masks anyway that cost up to $185 at a fancy spa, but at home they are FREE! We like that word and the results are the same..if not better.

My favorite fast food for the face trick is the ultimate white sugar scrub. You just simply lather up your face with a little cleanser, pour a handful of white sugar in the palm of your hand and scrub in circular motions. It will remove all dead skin cells and keep your complexion smooth and sweet.

Apple cider vinegar mixed with water can be the best toner and pore minimizer. Pour in 1 cup of this “kinda smelly stuff” in your sink and fill the rest with cold water. Splash your face about 10 times and you are toned and tight.

smallbananas Food For The FaceMoisturizer is key for the final steps of a good facial and there are a few great things you can use. Mash up 1 really ripe banana and smear all over your face. Leave on the skin for about 15 minutes and wash with warm water. It will leave your skin moist and smooth. You can do the same thing with honey, although a bit sticky, but after you apply it, lay a hot washcloth over your face and let it steam the honey into your skin. Wash off with warm water and the hydrating properties in the honey will make your skin really supple.

Swollen eyes? Chill slices of cucumber in the fridge and then gently lay them over puffy eyes for 15 minutes for a smooth fix.

Last is a good eye and lip balm. Coco butter dabbed onto these dry areas will keep them soft and lovely.

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