Fixing A Color Oops

If you've ever colored your hair too dark and wished you could undo the hue, this at-home product is right up your alley!

Becca Before

Becca and her pre-colored hair
before Color Oops

Just the other day I was doing some makeovers for Twin Cities Live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The producers of the show asked that I only use at home hair color and then give DIY tips for at home colorists and kitchen beauticians.

When I got the jpegs of the women I was going to do the makeovers on, I could see some of them had previous color on their hair. I knew I would have to remove the color to achieve my ultimate goal of turning all three women into red heads but I really wanted to follow the request of the producers.

That’s when I remembered a product I had come across a while back – it’s called Color Oops. I stopped at the store and picked up a couple of boxes and used it on two of the makeover models. I used my flip camera to document the experiment with Becca.

Take a look so you can see the outcome. Have you ever colored your hair too dark and wished you could fix it? Have you tried Color Oops? LMK!

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