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Finally! — A Sexy, Non-Cutesy Heidi Braid

Dallas' Jordana Brewster shows how it's done!

Jordana Brewster Heidi Braid

Photos: Getty Images

As obsessed as I am with the braid trend, I have never felt compelled to wear a Heidi braid. I’ve never seen one perfectly carried out — girly with a hint of sexy. Who wants to look like a fourth grader, right? Well, we just spotted Dallas’Jordana Brewster out and about with just that — yes, a sexy, sophisticated heidi braid. Here’s what makes it different from the rest.

  1. There are loose hairs in the front. This makes the look a little less structured and a little more fun and sexy.
  2. The braid is farther back on the head, making the style more subtle. I’ve always found the heidi braid to be a bold look (and not in a good way). This tones it down just a tad.
  3. It comes together in the back, forming a simple chignon. It’s like two hairstyles in one.

What do you think of Jordana’s take on the heidi braid? Is it finally wearable?

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