Fast Fixes For Smudged Makeup

smudged makeup

Does this happen to you?
Credit: Sarah Faison

Does this happen to you? You painstakingly finish up an immaculate makeup job, but then something happens at the very end and messes it all up! Your kid comes bumps you when you’re applying eyeliner, you sneeze after a flawless application of mascara or you polish off a ravishing red lip just to smile and get it all over your teeth. I’m right there with you! In fact not only does it happen to me, but also when I’m making up someone else. Here are a few tools you should keep handy to help clean up goofs so your results will stay stellar!

First off, always have a non-latex sponge handy. Use it to apply your foundation, then hang on to it for fixing up goofs. The leftover makeup on the sponge creates the perfect magic eraser to buff down over-applied cream blush or bronzer or erase an overly painted lip.

A cotton swab is another must-have. Use it to smooth out a harsh eyeliner or to take off residual makeup that has gotten on the eyebrows. Eliminate the lipstick-on-the-teeth issue by sticking a cotton swap in your mouth after applying red lipstick, then close your mouth around it and pull it out.

Lastly, always have a small tipped concealer brush, so you can dip it into a little foundation and use it to remove any smears, mascara smudges, or makeup mishaps. The foundation on the brush will allow you to erase the mistake without undoing your handy work.

These easy three little helpers will keep your gorgeous makeup looking flawless!

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