• A beauty look isn't complete without a few coats of mascara, or better still, a striking set of false lashes. We love falsies as much as the next beauty lover, but they're not exactly a low-maintenance thing to have on your face. These celebrity false eyelash mistakes are proof that nobody is safe.

    Beyoncé didn't always have flawless beauty sensibilities: She rocked these questionably long faux lashes back in 2005.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Nicole Richie
    These fluttery, natural-looking lashes would have been great if they had served their purpose and actually stayed on.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Paris Hilton
    Nicole's former bestie had an exponentially worse lash mishap with this "in danger of falling off entirely" look.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Katy Perry
    We know how much Katy loves her false lashes, but this crazy-thick, feathery pair looks all wrong.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Eva Longoria
    This looks like Eva's makeup artist applied mascara to her super-long fake lashes, which is never a good idea.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Paula Patton
    If your falsies are grazing your eyebrows, they're probably a little too long.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Salma Hayek
    Salma is one classy lady, but that doesn't mean she's immune to the attack of the wandering eyelash.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim's falsies look ridiculous on a regular basis, but this spidery set is particularly alarming.

    Photo: Getty Images
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
    The dangers of false eyelashes: Temporary blindness, as seen on J. Love. This does not look comfortable.

    Photo: Getty Images


When False Eyelashes Go Wrong


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