• Don't freak out just yet, but fall is on its way. We can't stop time, as much as we'd like to, so we may as well get acquainted with these fall makeup looks instead. If nothing else, we'll totally be prepared for fall 2014.

    A bold lip doesn't have to make a big statement: This muted lavender shade lets a gold and purple smoky eye shine.

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  • Soft, hazy brown shadow is a perfect match for an imperfect brick-red stained lip.

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  • What could be more gorgeous than bare natural lips, well-groomed brows and a rose gold eye?

    Photo: Pinned by Kelly Driscoll via Refinery29

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  • Bleached brows make this look ultra-dramatic, but for real life, dark berry lipstick, voluminous lashes, and matte skin make for a similarly standout combo.

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  • The key to pulling off a super-colorful eye look like this is to leave the rest of your makeup fresh and natural.

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  • Sometimes all you need is a little bit of black mascara... and a great hairstyle.

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  • Smudgy black shadow is one of the most versatile beauty looks of all time.

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  • A deep, true purple lip needs little other emphasis. Just be sure to apply with a lip brush for clean, defined lines.

    Photo: Pinned by Morgan Hall via Total Beauty

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  • Here's one way to wear lots of color without looking over the top: Use your finger to dab on a red lip stain, and smudge just a touch of a pale blue shadow around your upper lashline.

    Photo: Pinned by Orbit Mag via Harper's Bazaar

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  • This five-minute face is ridiculously simple but has real impact.

    Photo: Pinned by Chiara Stissi via Style.com

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  • You can't go wrong with a dark autumnal lip and a subtle cat eye.

    Photo: Pinned by Bianca Steinmacher via Belle Belle Beauty

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  • For a soft, romantic look, try pairing a mix of smoked-out blue-green shadows with a peachy nude lipstick.

    Photo: Pinned by Sharyn Umana via Temptalia

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  • If it's drama you want, look no further than this glamorous navy eye makeup.

    Photo: Pinned by The Aesthetics & Hairstyling College of Canada via Harper's Bazaar

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  • A classic cat eye and plum lip skews Old Hollywood without looking too retro.

    Photo: Pinned by Ninadab Rodriques via Flickr

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  • Don't underestimate the power of false lashes—and nothing else.

    Photo: Pinned by Alex Fauvet via Harper's Bazaar

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15 Inspirational Fall Makeup Looks for 2014


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