• This sleek ponytail and ribbon headband combo is so simple and so chic. Pinned by showhairstyle.com  
    Photo: Pinned by showhairstyle.com
  • Wrap natural waves in a knotted ponytail.  Separate the hair into two sections at the nape of the neck and fold them into a simple knot. Pinned by hellobee.com
    Photo: Pinned by hellobee.com
  • Glam up natural waves with a volumizing mousse when hair is damp. Blow dry for that extra oomph. Pinned by tumblr.com
    Photo: Pinned by tumblr.com
  • Pair side-swept bangs with two braid headbands. Pinned by babble.com
    Photo: Pinned by babble.com
  • Sleek braids are having a moment this fall. Before braiding, flat-iron locks to pin-straight perfection for this look by Valentino. Pinned by ellecanada.com 
    Photo: Pinned by ellcanada.com
  • It's scarves season! Go with hairstyles that stay off the neck, like this twisted updo. Pinned by Sorelle Salon
    Photo: Pinned by Sorelle Salon
  • Another way to keep hair off your face: the tried and true fishtail braid. Pinned by obaz.com
    Photo: Pinned by obaz.com
  • Make your ponytail super sleek by applying some argan oil when hair is still damp. Another trick: when pulling hair into a ponytail, tilt your head back slightly to create a tighter hold and keep the hair underneath from slipping out. Pinned by fashionuks.com
    Photo: Pinned by fashionuks.com
  • Double braid along the head for this royal-inspired updo. Pinned by blogs.babble.com 
    Photo: Pinned by blogs.babble.com
  • Try a braided ponytail by Dutch (inside-out) braiding on both sides at the center part and finishing at the center of the head. Gather both braids and the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Pinned by fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net
    Photo: Pinned by fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net
  • Dress up waves with a twisted crown just behind the ears. Pinned by elblogdeanasuero.files.wordpress.com
    Photo: Pinned by elblogdeanasuero.files.wordpress.com
  • Starting with a dollop of argan oil to make strands super sleek, gather at the nape of the neck and twist up. Secure with bobby pins. Pinned by showhairstyle.com
    Photo: Pinned by showhairstyle.com


Must-Try Fall Hairstyles From Pinterest

Must-Try Fall Hairstyles From Pinterest

Humidity is gone for now. This fall, sport all-day styles that need little to no product.

Let us rejoice. Humidity, and the frizzy hair fiascos it brings with it, are gone for the season. This fall, sport all-day styles that need little to no product.

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