Crazy Sexy Cool Eyelashes

How to get the long, flirty lashes of your dreams.


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Having long, flirty eye lashes is a beauty bonus we all wish we had. In this day and age, we can achieve whatever fabulous fringe we dream of. On the market, we can find lash curlers, thickeners, dies, growth serums, fakes, extensions, mascaras that plump, lengthen, thicken, extend, tube and mimic falsies. Whew, it’s exhausting and where do you even begin?

The Mascara Hall Of Fame

The first thing you need to consider is the look you are trying to achieve. For a natural look, stay away from falsies, extensions and thickening mascaras. Instead, opt for tinting your lashes at a salon if they are light and curling them with the Preo Corner Lash Curler (easiest one to use) if they are straight. Use a clear mascara for day like CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash Clear Mascara and then a light formula mascara for evening like Maybelline Lash Discovery.

If you want sexy, seductive lashes try adding on falsies from Andrea Mod Lash (found at the drugstore) and then sweeping on a thickening lengthening black mascara like Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. This cool mascara blends together all the new wand technology we have seen into a very unique brush.

If you want a dramatic fringe, but you are super low maintenance, try getting a set of lash extensions and then you can skip having to apply anything to your lashes at all. If you have great lashes and mascara tends to smear—but you hate waterproof formulas—try the tube technology mascaras like Blinc Kiss Me Mascara that won’t run but is easy to wash off at night

If you feel like your lashes need a boost, use Revitalash Lash Serum to stimulate their growth, and then sweep on Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara for super lush lashes that will definitely get you noticed. I started using the Revitalash after losing a few of my own in a curling accident (never curl your lashes on a plane in bad turbulence), and the results were truly spectacular. A friend of mine had to actually stop using it for a while because her lashes became to be too long. What a great problem to have!

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