You’re Doing It Wrong: Tweezing Your Eyebrows

Stop making this mistake with your eyebrows.

In the quest for perfect arches, many of us take to our own brows in between appointments. Unfortunately, instead of just “cleaning up” our brows, we tend to hack away until the result is less than pretty.
“Throw your tweezers away and prevent yourself from touching your brows while waiting for them to grow in,” says brow expert and founder of The Brow Gal Tonya Crooks. “Everyone has an off perspective with their own face, especially with creating symmetry and finding the perfect shape.”
If you’ve already over-tweezed, Crooks suggests buying a brow growth serum to help the hairs grow back more quickly. Try RapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum ($30.49,
“While waiting for your hair to grow in, learn how to fill them in while making them look natural. To find your natural shape (keep in mind: shapes are affected by muscle movement), take a BrowGal pencil ($23, and set it against the side of your nose to find the start of the brow. Next, lay your pencil underneath the bridge of the nose across the eye to find the arch of the brow, and finally lay your pencil underneath the bridge of the nose across the corner of the eye to find where the brow ends.”
Crooks also says, “Fill in any low spots and even out your brows with a sharp-tipped pencil to ensure it resembles brow hairs as much as possible. Brush through to blend the color and set with a clear gel.”
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