• Despite her continuous legal troubles, Lindsay Lohan has been given the chance to turn her entire career around. Recently, Lifetime announced that the actress will be portraying Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming biopic.
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  • Leonardo DiCaprio has portrayed many historic figures before, like J. Edgar and Howard Hughes, but now he is slated to play H.H. Holmes, the first American serial killer. Scary!
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  • Julianne Moore will be showing off her acting chops by playing Sarah Palin in 'Game Change.' The HBO movie also stars Ed Harris as John McCain and is set to premiere March 10.
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  • Daniel Day-Lewis is the ultimate actor, so who better to fill the shoes of Abraham Lincoln? The only thing that troubles us are rumors that Mr. Day-Lewis likes to stay in character while on set. Not so good when playing a man famous for getting shot in the head...

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  • Carey Mulligan went head-to-head with other leading ladies to get the coveted role of Daisy Buchanan in the remake of The Great Gatsby. Although fictional, the character was once famously portrayed by Mia Farrow.
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  • Now that Robert Downey Jr. is a dad, he is probably focusing on more child-friendly material. More specifically, the star will be portraying Geppetto in a Pinocchio remake. We're interested to see who will play the little wooden boy...

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  • Sarah Jessica Parker recently acquired the part of feminist Gloria Steinem in an upcoming biopic. No one was more surprised than Demi Moore, who originally got the part but had to give it up after entering rehab.
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  • After beating cancer, Michael Douglas decided to sign on to play Liberace. The pianist was known for his eccentric style and rumored romances, which is why we're so excited for this makeover. Added bonus: Douglas and Matt Damon will make out in the movie!

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  • Amanda Seyfried has played a wide range of roles, but she will flex her acting muscles again with the role of Linda Lovelace, a porn star. Not surprising, Lindsay Lohan first lobbied for the part before being turned down.
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Exciting Movie Makeovers

Exciting Movie Makeovers

Lindsay Lohan may be obsessed with Marilyn, but she'll soon be portraying another beauty icon!

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