• What better way to make a memorable red carpet moment than striking a killer pose in a low-cut, high-glam, red-hot gown? "This definitely was Blake Lively's va-va-voom moment. The cleavage, the hair...it took her to another level. She doesn't use a stylist; she thinks about what she's going to wear and actually puts time into the head to toe look," says Giuliana Rancic, E! red carpet fixture and spokesperson for DDF, to get her expert opinion on the celebrities' get-ups.

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  • Lea Michele wore this stunning Oscar de la Renta gown to the 2010 Emmys. "This was one of my favorite looks," Rancic says, "I thought Lea Michele looked gorgeous in this gown. She really stepped it up and set herself apart from her castmates. This dress says 'I am the star of Glee.' Physically, we don't pay attention to darker dresses--it's always that pop of color we look for. The colored dresses always end up on the Best Dressed list. So for a darker dress, this was just fabulous."

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  • Jennifer Aniston wore this beaded Chanel column with beachy waves (and hottest accessory of the night: Brad Pitt) in 2004. "This was almost 10 years ago, and you could wear it all today," Giuliana Rancic points out. "It feels very like a model would wear this--like a Gisele Bundchen. Underneath this dress, you know there's this unbelievable, tight little figure. Jennifer Aniston doesn't feel the need to constantly show that. It's just flowy, completely simple and easy. Women at home looked at her and thought, 'I could do that look.'"

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  • When January Jones walked the 2010 Emmys red carpet in this Versace number, we were less than impressed. Rancic, however, saw the Mad Men star's blue dress as a well-played fashion risk: "I was obsessed with this dress. People who love fashion like this dress. What really does the trick is the fact that she kept everything else so simple: Hair, makeup, jewelry. This was in an era where a lot of people were doing the mullet dress, and it rarely works. Here, it does. The dress was the work of art that spoke for itself. "

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  • The dapper twosome walk the red carpet at the 2010 Emmys. "They're always together, and they just have such a great relationship. You can see it in this picture, and you can see it on the red carpet. Jon Hamm is my favorite male on the red carpet; he puts an effort into it. We love men with that Old Hollywood glamour look. He's a throwback to Cary Grant and Clark Gable. Hamm sticks to the classics and always looks incredible." Note: We're incredibly jealous that Giuliana Rancic has met Jon Hamm.

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  • At the 1999 Emmys, Sarah Michelle Gellar's aqua gown let everyone know that the former soap star had arrived as a primetime television presence. "It's a pretty dress. The color and the slit are a little sexier for her. It's sexy and simple," Rancic says.

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  • After taking a break from acting to have a son, Keri Russell returned to television and the red carpet in 2010. Her stunning, flirty Vintage Scherrer dress from Decades reminded us what a style star Russell is. Rancic agrees: "This dress is so feminine, and it goes with her delicate features and pale skin. These flowy looks definitely work the best on her. She looks so simple and effortless. She's not trying at all, but she got noted for her super-feminine and pretty look."

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  • We agree 100% with Giuliana Rancic's assessment of Padma Lakshmi's Badgley Mischka gown at the 2009 Emmys: "It looks like there's a bit of a growth happening here. It's very unflattering. She's a beautiful women--tall, statuesque, gorgeous. That rose embellishment just doesn't work at all. If you took that off and got rid of the accents on the sleeve, it would be great. It ruined her figure."

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  • Sarah Jessica Parker decided to go to the 2000 Emmys as her Sex and the City alter ego Carrie Bradshaw. This Oscar de la Renta gown not only has feathers dripping off the skirt, but SJP accessorized it with a large flower armband. Rancic's verdict? "Too ballerina-esque. It's so hard because for me, SJP can do no wrong. If she showed up in something that we all thought was pretty and easy, it wouldn't feel right. She can't show up in something safe because she takes so many risks."

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  • This politically-charged ensemble Victoria Rowell wore to the 2009 Emmys definitely raised a few eyebrows. "Silly. Gorgeous girl, but there's just no need for this. if you want to talk politics, go sit down with Bill Maher. The Emmys red carpet isn't really the place for it. This is something that tries to get shock value, but really gets eye rolls," Rancic says.

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Top 10 Most Memorable Emmys Looks

Top 10 Most Memorable Emmys Looks

E!'s red carpet expert Giuliana Rancic weighs in on the Emmys outfits we'll never forget.

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