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sakaralife Eat Your Way Beautiful

The Sakara Life founders choose healthy ingredients for their organic meal delivery service.
Photo: Sakara Life

As you know, my lovely ladies, I’m a huge fan of eating well and taking care of my body to help me achieve beauty from the inside out. I not only ingest my antioxidants and nutrients that help me look good by eating whole healthy foods and taking supplements, I tend to use a lot of skincare and makeup products that contain these skin-improving goodies as well. Now don’t get me wrong, I do have my Sundays where I eat whatever I want and don’t go to the gym to allow for some sanity, but overall I believe you are what you eat. Many women simply don’t understand the true impact that food has on your skin, hair, nails and teeth. Well, let me tell you sisters, it does make a difference. And if you can manage to clean up your act 80 percent of the time, a splurge here or there is not going to kill you.

I recently discovered a couple of true beauties based in New York City, Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle, who have created an organic food delivery company called Sakara Life. The word “sakara” in an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “the manifestation of thoughts to things.” Their amazing company shares my philosophy completely about empowering yourself through health, balance and overall well being. These two empowered women have found a positive approach to eating healthy wholesome foods that are delivered straight to your door to not only instill beauty on the inside but on the outside as well. You are pretty much guaranteed to feel fabulous each day you are eating their beauty-boosting treats, which are delivered to your doorstep in five- to 20-day packages with weekends off for a little bad-for-you fun balance. I interviewed the girls at Sakara Life to have them share with me their motivation for creating this amazing system.

Carmindy: What two sentences best sum up your philosophy?
Sakara Life: Eat clean, organic, local and fresh foods that you can trust. Love what your putting in your body so your body can love you back (even if it’s an extra fudgy brownie sundae, own it and be proud of it — your thoughts matter)!

Why is it so important to have a food balance in your life?
As two people that have gone to extremes with food, we understand the need for quick fixes, easy eats and food on the go and that sometimes eating healthy takes too much time. When you’re too busy to worry about your own well-being, then you are out of balance. Living in balance means you take time to be mindful about what you are eating, drinking and thinking. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to be thoughtful. Everything in your life has, is and will come from you and your well-being, so it’s important to take care of yourself and find balance.

What are the top three foods to combat aging?
Alkaline water, organic dark greens (kale, chard, etc.) and avocados.

What are some of the skin benefits when trying one of your programs?
Our program is full of fresh, organic fruits, veggies and whole grains. Most people think hydration comes from drinking your 64 ounces of water a day, but ideally, your hydration should come from the foods that you eat, like fresh fruits and veggies. There is a very particular molecular structure of water in these foods that is a super hydrator for the skin and helps flush out all of the toxins that cause inflammation and breakouts.

What would you consider skin superfoods?
Coconut oil, cacao (raw) and organic cucumbers.

What would you consider foods that are skin killers?
Anything with trans fats, non-organic dairy and highly processed foods (even vegan things like veggie burgers!).

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