• One of our favorite pastimes is cruising on Pinterest for new innovative nail art designs. The not-so-fun part? Never being able to recreate them ourselves. So we took to the beauty aisle to find nail art tools that help even the least artistic among us moonlight as a master manicurist. A 5-Minute Gel Pedicure
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  • If you cant paint your nails without getting polish on your cuticles or skin, try Kiesques Liquid Palisade ($22, kiesque.com). Working like a polish barrier, the product is painted on the cuticle and surrounding skin before painting your nails. After youre finished, it peels right off. A Gel Manicure Without The LED Lamp
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  • Using an acetone-soaked cotton pad to fix a mistake can wreak havoc on your just-painted nails. The ASP Manicure Saver Cotton Claw ($3.99, sallybeauty.com) eliminates the problem by letting you grip the cotton without it touching your fingers, so you can touch up unwanted polish while protecting your manicure. Minimalist Nail Art Designs You Can Wear Anywhere
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  • Ombr nails have never been easier than with Topshop Make Up Nail Art Sponge Kit ($4, us.topshop.com). The set includes three sponges and a mini nail art brush. To get the gradual fading, start by painting the nail first with a light shade. Then dab a darker color with a sponge starting halfway down the nail. Clean up any excess color with some polish remover on the nail art brush. Find Your Perfect Nude Nail Polish
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  • Getting perfectly straight French tips and stripes can be nearly impossible when you dont have the right tools. Using a thin brush, like Essences Tip Painter ($2.49, ulta.com) makes precision possible. Create Nail Art With Topcoat That Changes Nail Polish Color
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  • Still dont have the touch? Try Essence Nail Art Stickers ($1.99, ulta.com). Either apply the sticker strips as your design or use one as a stencil, painting over it and then peeling it away to reveal perfect lines. Tips To Make Your DIY Manicure Last Longer
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5 Tools That Make Nail Art Super Easy


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