Move Over Dry Shampoo! Dry Conditioner is Here

soft dry conditioner cap off (2)Just when we start to get used to a beauty trend, another one comes along and takes over. In this case, it’s Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray ($35, that’s making us rethink our current dry shampoo obsession. But what exactly is the difference?

Hair stylist and co-founder of his eponymous hair care brand Oribe says, “My new Soft Dry Conditioner absorbs dirt and oil, while adding instant softness and silkiness to strands.” Unlike traditional shampoo and conditioner, this product doesn’t need to be used in conjunction with a shampoo. “Since Soft contains zeolite crystallines (the same ingredient in Dry that absorbs dirt and oil), it can be used on its own.”

The Soft Dry Conditioner uses a softening cotton complex, argan oil and neem oil to give hair a conditioned soft and nourished look. It’s like rubbing a dryer sheet onto your hair.

Not ready to give up your dry shampoo? Oribe suggests using dry shampoo on the roots to give hair texture and volume and using dry conditioner on the rest of your hair to make it more touchable and silky.

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