Makeup Looks Twice As Nice With This Technique

Use this makeup tip to get a more striking look.


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When trying to achieve an intense dramatic makeup look that differs from your “usual,” it’s really about double or nothing. Layering two different products kicks everything up a notch, so try these makeup tips for a magnified effect:

1. Create radiant skin by blending an illuminating primer onto skin, and then apply a liquid foundation.

2. Take eyes from polished to pow by applying a pencil or liquid liner, and then sweep over it with a shimmering shadow in the same hue.

3. A double dose of mascara takes lashes from pretty to party when you use a regular formula followed by a colored or glittered one.

4. Back up a cream eye shadow with a sweep of shimmering sparkling powder shadow in the same color to create mucho magic.

5. Sweep on a sheer colored blush, and then top it with a dusting of highlighted powder for a cheeky punch.

6. Lips look uber luscious if you smooth on lipstick then glaze over it with a shiny gloss.

7. On the body, give yourself a healthy glow by applying self tanner, and then go back the next day and use the self tanner again on a sponge, only tracing along the natural contours of your muscles to make them stand out to give the illusion that you’ve been hitting the gym extra hard.

So use these two-for-one beauty techniques, and take your look to the next level.

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