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WATCH: Real Girl Makeover, DIY Ombré

Fresh summer color has never been easier.

Trying to freshen up your look for the summer months? Ombré hair is still on trend, thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Khloé Kardashian, and is a great way to get that beachy, care-free look. Now, thanks to at-home kits, like the L’Oréal Feria Wild Ombré Kit, you’re able to copy this summer hair color without having to spend a ton of time (or money) at a salon. Our latest Real Girl Makeover subject, Molly, tried out the trend at home.

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It’s easy to get the perfect style at home whether you’re looking for a classic ombré, something more bold with color, or even a more subtle & chic ombré. For Molly, subtle & chic was the way to go.  She used the Feria Wild Ombré 070-color kit, since her hair was dark brown, and applied it to the lower half of her hair. After waiting a bit, she washed out the dye and had fresh color.

The end result was flawless. The ombré color was a light honey that complemented Molly’s natural hair color and complexion. “I feel like such a beach babe,” she said. Most people think ombré has to be a drastic color change, but Molly is proof that a more subtle ombré approach can be just as striking.

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Video by Alissa Huff

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