Sanitation Department

One thing I have learned looking through women’s makeup bags over the eight years I have been on What Not To Wear is we all have one thing in common. We are messy! None of us seem to keep our makeup free of germs and bacteria or our makeup bags and drawers clean. And when we try on makeup at department or drugstores just how sanitary are we?

Now there is a great solution with the fabulous new line called Beauty So Clean that is like Purell for your beauty routine. This cosmetic sanitizer is just what we need to help prevent the infections, allergic reactions and even acne that dirty makeup can cause. There is a fast-drying Conditioning Brush Cleaner that will keep the filth off your brushes each day, allowing for perfect color application and even blending.

Spray the Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist directly onto your compact face powders, blushes, bronzers and eye shadows for germ-free powder formulas in 10 seconds. The Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes are perfect to throw into your bag to wipe off eyeliners and lipsticks before trying on new shades when you go makeup shopping. These are also great for for women that are prone to cold sores. You can still wear your lipstick or gloss without re-infecting yourself or spreading the infection over and over again. So now there is absolutely no excuse for being a dirty girl, keep it fresh and clean and you will stay pretty and pristine.

As an established makeup artist, many beauty brands send me samples of their latest products for consideration. I only write about the items that I truly love and I always abide by Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge in each of my Positively Beautiful posts.

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