Are You Ready For Prom?

You will be in no time if you check out our new site, Daily Makeover @PROM! We've got the hottest celebrity prom looks, expert how-tos and forums on hot prom trends.

Are You Ready For Prom?

Why do the stars of Prom, Glee and Pretty Little Liars always have the perfect looks for prom? Because they have stylists, obvs.

Try on your favorite prom hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

But for the rest of the world, prom means hours of dress shopping and searching for the perfect hairstyle and makeup for the big night. Don’t worry, though, our new ‘lil sister site Daily Makeover @PROM! is finally here to help you get gorgeous.

Try on hairstyles of your favorite celebrities like Aimee Teegarden and Lucy Hale (and change their hair color), see how you look in different makeup looks, get expert how-to beauty tips and check out what other girls are doing for their prom look. Just think of us as your prom fairy godmothers.

Go to Daily Makeover @PROM!

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