Creating The Ultimate Gloss

As much as women love their lip gloss, we are always looking for the magic one that lasts longer than a smile! Usually glosses disappear in a flash, leaving you addicted to the constant re-swiping to layer on some more. I’ve been trying to create a long-wearing lip gloss with the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy team for awhile. The tricky part was trying to come up with a formula that wouldn’t make your lips as dry as the Sahara desert in the height of summer. Most long-wearing lip products contain ingredients that seal onto your lips to stay put, but the downside is that they suck all the moisture right out. You’re left with colorful but dry cracked lips.

Carmindy lip gloss

I’m thrilled to announce that we finally found the perfect moisture-rich, smooth and creamy gloss formula that lasts for hours without dehydrating your lips! It’s awesome and will be available soon, so keep your eyes out or check out Sally Hansen Natural Beauty for updates. The next step of development for me is the really fun part: choosing the perfect colors and making up enticing names! We mixed and swirled all kinds of fun colors together and came up with 12 fabulous shades that woman will fall in love with! Next came trying to think up names that were descriptive enough for ladies to know what they were getting, but at the same time fun and alluring. What fun it is being a girl and playing with makeup for a living. It truly is a dream job!

As an established makeup artist, many beauty brands send me samples of their latest products for consideration. I only write about the items that I truly love and I always abide by Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge in each of my Positively Beautiful posts.

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