Scared of Colored Eye Liner? How Anyone Can Pull Off Jessica Biel’s New Look

Bold eye liner made easy.

Jessica Biel

Photo: Getty Images

Colored eye liner can be tricky. Aside from going too light (what’s the point?) to going too dark (are you joining the circus?), finding a flattering color in a sea of brights can be difficult. However, the green liner Jessica Biel wore last night, Chanel Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Jade ($30,, would look great on anyone. Here’s why.

Jade— a cross between blue and green — compliments blue, green, and hazel eyes. As for brown, any bright color will enhance the eyes. And because the liner is only placed along the bottom lash line (she has a light coating of black liner on top), the effect isn’t overly intimidating and won’t overpower a bright blue eye or striking green. For your first time, apply a super thin line and finish just before the inner corner. For your next try, go a bit thicker and extend to the corner.

When you’re really into the look, do colored eye liner on both lash lines for a seriously attention-grabbing look.

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