• Claire Danes is having quite the year. Not only is she starring in Showtime's Homeland, but she recently took home an Emmy for her role. To celebrate, we're looking taking a look at the many lengths her hair has gone through over the years. 

    She first stole our hearts in 1994 as angsty teen Angela Chase on My So-Called Life. Her vibrant red hair had us all itching to dye our own. 

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  • In 1995, Interview Magazine perfectly captured the 90s in this photo shoot of the actress. We're obsessed with her colored barrettes. 

    Photo: Interview Magazine
  • Back in 1995 Claire was still winning awards, and this time with goth-worthy black hair. 

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  • This spiky hairstyle from 1996 was for the premiere of Romeo + Juliet

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  • Claire went her shortest length ever in 1998 while filming Brokedown Palace. 

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  • This is the quintessential 1999 hairstyle. Notice the multiple baby clips. 

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  • In 2002 Claire went back to red hair, but this time a less vibrant shade. 

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  • We like this fun updo she wore in 2003. 

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  • By 2005 Claire had grown her hair out long for the Golden Globes. 

  • At a red carpet event in 2007, Claire pulled the front of her hair back for a stunning look. 

  • She went stick straight in 2009 at a Time Inc. event. 

  • We love the big waves she wore in 2010. 

  • For the 2011 Golden Globes, Claire opted for a sleek updo. 

  • She went for the wet look in 2011 and surprisingly pulled it off. 

  • She tried out a voluminous updo in 2012. 

  • This unique updo from the 2012 Golden Globes is one of our favorites. 

  • This year Claire surprised us all with a bob at the Emmys. Turns out it was completely faux.


The Makeover Timeline: See Claire Danes’ Hairstyles Through the Years

The Makeover Timeline: See Claire Danes’ Hairstyles Through the Years

Oh, how we miss her Angela Chase hair color.

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