• A center part is a daunting concept—much unlike a side part, which is easy to hide behind, it opens your face up and puts your features front and, well, center. But the look doesn't have to be scary, and you certainly don't need to have a perfectly symmetrical face to pull it off. Let these ten flattering examples serve as inspiration for your next hair style.

    Sandra Bullock
    We usually associate center parts with long, straight hair, but Sandra provides the perfect example of a sharp center part and luscious volume. 

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  • Sienna Miller
    Glam up a center part with subtle waves and a bright pink lip. 

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  • Rachel Bilson
    Most half-up hairstyles work best with a side part or none at all, but Rachel's center part is a great complement to her bold makeup. 

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  • Nicole Richie
    Side braids are all the rage right now, and they work with a center part, too. Copy Nicole's look by braiding down the hairline on both sides and bringing them together at the side to create a single braid. 

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  • Naomi Watts
    Naomi's center part adds subtle volume to her layered bob. Tease your hair at the root for a similar look. 

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  • Lea Michele
    Even Lea, who has blunt bangs, has played with a center part. But make sure to not part too far down the head because it can end up looking too severe. 

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  • Kate Hudson
    Layers on each side of your center part frame your features and play up your cheekbones.

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  • Jessica Alba
    A center part even works on Old Hollywood waves like Jessica Alba's. 

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow
    Sleek, center-parted strands have been Gwyneth's signature since the '90s.

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  • Amanda Seyfried
    Make an updo more casual with a center part and loose pieces that frame the face. 

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10 Flattering Center Part Hairstyles

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10 Flattering Center Part Hairstyles

Center parts aren't just limited to boho-chic looks.

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