• Sofia Vergara

    Dark eyebrows are really trendy at the moment, which means Latina beauties, like Sofia Vergara, have effortlessly gorgeous brows. The key to her look is to pluck in the middle –a unibrow can develop quickly for ladies with naturally bushy brows.

  • Reese Witherspoon

    Just because you’re blonde, doesn’t mean you can’t have fabulous eyebrows. Reese Witherspoon leads by example with her brows, which are just slightly darker than her hair color, defining those pretty baby blues. If your brows are really blonde, you can always use a light brown shadow to tint the color.

  • Lucy Hale

    The great thing about Lucy Hale’s eyebrows is their shape. One of the best ways to make your eyes look bigger is by creating an arch that lines up directly with your pupil, which the Pretty Little Liars star has definitely mastered.

  • Kate Middleton

    We know the Duchess of Cambridge is glam, but more than her fashion sense, women are wanting to recreate her sophisticated brows. Beauty company Escentual.com has reportedly sold six times as many eyebrow-defining products than they did last year, all for which they credit Kate. 

  • Jada Pinkett Smith

    Jada Pinkett has naturally dark eyebrows, so she does’t need to fill them in. We love how she keeps them thin and in the background so her other natural features, like those gorgeous cheek bones, really stand out.

  • Emma Watson

    For the fair-skinned girls, like Emma Watson, dark brows can make a gorgeous beauty statement. Because the color of your hair will contrast greatly to that of your skin, be sure to maintain a clean shape at all times, or it could start to look messy.


  • Emma Stone

    These might be the most elegant eyebrows of all time. Perfectly maintained, with not a hair out of place, Emma Stone shows us that even if you don’t have naturally voluptuous brows, you can still have shape. It also helps that she colors her brows the same shade as her roots, just to keep things looking natural.

  • Camilla Belle Camilla Belle has the perfect brows, making them even darker than her natural hair color. We love how clean she keeps them, above and below the brow, creating a very clear, defined shape.


Celebs With Enviable Eyebrows

Celebs With Enviable Eyebrows

Some celebs just know how to create the perfect brow.

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