• To Choose a Hair Color
    Ke$ha seems to be a bit conflicted about which pastel hair color to go with. May we suggest the pink?

    Photo: Getty Images
  • To Choose a Better Hair Color
    Katy Perry called, and she wants her loud hair color back. Seriously, Demi Lovato is a gorgeous girl, so there's no need to use a bright turquoise hair color to get everyone's attention. We love her natural dark color.

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  • To Keep Her Tongue in Her Mouth
    It just seems really dangerous for Miley Cyrus to have it hanging out like that all the time.

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  • To Embrace Short Hair
    We were overjoyed when we saw Beyoncé Knowles debut a pixie on Instagram, but not long after, she showed off shoulder-length extensions. Now she's back to her long hair again. What's the deal, Bey?

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  • To Pick a Red Carpet Look That Doesn't Scare Us Kaley Cuoco has a knack for showing up to red carpet events looking a bit nightmarish. Ditch the wigs, Kaley. Simplicity is key.

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