• Celebrities love a good Crayola hair color. (We do, too, but we have to submit to the values of the real world. Also, we don't have a personal hairstylist on speed dial.) As evidenced by Katy Perry's "slime green" switchup, green hair is replacing pink as the crazy color du jour. Don't believe us? Check out these 8 stars who have all gone for the green.

    Nicki Minaj

    Nicki is a well-documented lover of wigs, which means she didn't make much of a commitment to achieve this neon teal shade.

  • Lauren Conrad
    The former reality star went the subtle route with seafoam "highlights," and we love the resulting look.

  • Lady Gaga
    The queen of weird sported bright blue-green hair... along with a bunch of other things we aren't so sure of.

  • Azealia Banks
    On people with naturally dark hair, a dark, muddy green like this actually looks believable, as far as green hair goes.

  • Mae Whitman
    A flash of emerald green in Mae's bangs and the underside of her hair creates a cool peacock-esque look.

  • Lourdes Leon
    Madonna's daughter took to Instagram to document green streaks around her hairline.

  • Avril Lavigne
    No surprise here: the early 2000s punk princess has been known to take multicolored streaks for a spin.


7 Celebrities Who Have Rocked Green Hair


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